Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and to truly appreciate the gift of life, love, and generosity. We celebrate the Holiday with fabulous festivities and traditional favorites like candied yams, mashed potatoes, stuffed turkey, and of course, warm pumpkin pie! Traditions can vary for all of us, but there is one theme about Thanksgiving that remains constant – we all like to overindulge and our bodies need to move! No need to worry this Thanksgiving, because it’s about to get hot (or sweaty) as you cook your muscles into action on your Total Gym! This “Happy Sweats-giving” Pre-Burner Workout is a simple total body circuit you can do anytime before your Thanksgiving feast. The circuit workout is designed to keep you moving at a comfortable pace that can accommodate any fitness level! Depending on your incline (resistance) settling, you have full control to go easy or turn up the heat to fully challenge your body! It’s up to you! PRE- BURNER TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT WORKOUTDirections: ● The following exercises are grouped into supersets (exercises that work opposite muscle groups and are performed back-to-back with each other) ● Repeat each superset 2-3 rounds ● Aim for 10-15 reps per exercise Accessories: Squat Stand, cables Level:high level to start, adjust as needed 1: Jump Squats OR Single Leg 2: Bridge Press REPEAT 2-3 ROUNDS CONNECT CABLES / Low-Med Level 3: Surfer Row 4: Torso Rotation R/L REPEAT 2-3 ROUNDS 5: Hi-Lo Chest Flies 6: Pullover Crunch REPEAT 2-3 ROUNDS Be sure to check out the video to see how these exercises are performed on your Total Gym. Happy Thanksgiving friends, Maria

“SWEATS-GIVING” PRE-BURNER WORKOUT – Total Gym Pulse is written by Maria Sollon for totalgymdirect.com


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