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Today I have an amazing new beginner rebounding & Reiki for a healthy body session. We are going to rebound for 10 minutes and then sit on our rebounders while I send you a virtual 5 minute Reiki session. I know you are going to absolutely love the combination of movement and meditation.

Rebounding Helps To Ground You In Your Body

Rebounding is an amazing at grounding your body and mind while exercising. Focusing on your movements and becoming aware of your body is key when rebounding. The benefits are off the charts amazing too. You are working all your muscles at once against the force of gravity. Every cell in your body, all 75 trillion cells get a workout all at once.

Your cells expand and contract with the movement of the bounce. The acceleration and deceleration of the bounce creates pressure changes in the body, and an increased amount of weight against the cell membranes, stimulating and strengthening them all. Pretty amazing isn’t it! It also increases your bone mass, which is beneficial towards feeling more grounded throughout your day.

My Favorite Rebounders

Click Here For Leaps and Rebounds Rebounder (Great Budget Friendly Rebounder)

In this video I am using the Purple Leaps & Rebounds Rebounder 40″

Click Here For Bellicon Rebounder (Top of the Line Rebounder)

Do The Rebounding and Reiki Video Here

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